Biographical Sketches

We want to know how you have met the challenges, the struggles and the joys of life for these many years. Classmates from the S.F. Austin Class of 1957 who participate by submitting a biographical sketch receive a page for that purpose. Here are classmates who are thusfar sharing the life experience.

Click the name, read what they have to say:Richard Briones
Nancy Craig Searcy
Steve Govia
Claudia Houdek Lakey
Clinton Hunter
Charles Jackson
Larry Keith
Charles Kirk
Sonja Lewis
William “Buzzy” Oliver
Paul Romere
 Dorothy Svrcek Threeton
John Threeton
 Gene Watters UzzlePlease consider adding to our continuing interconnectedness by sharing your experiences and news with the class. Bear in mind that submissions of information will appear on the World Wide Web, and frame your writing with an eye to both the sharing and any special security requirements personal to you. Send biographical sketches (or changes or additions to your existing page) to either Bill Hubert or Barbara McCauley Polk, but if
you need help in getting it together, contact Barbara.