Claudia Houdek Lakey

Claudia Houdek Lakey here. I’m so sorry I was unable to come to the reunion –I was preparing for upcoming back surgery. Bummer!!

Are you putting something together about each person? If so, I can give you a short history of what I’ve done and where I’ve been for 50 years!! Do you want photos? See attached. Let me know if you want a short life synopsis.


Claudia and Bob Lakey with their first grandbaby [son Patrick, wife Jane], May 2007.


Claudia, modeling “mother-of-the-groom” dress for son Christopher’s wedding to Sarah, September 2006

I enjoyed seeing the photos already on the site BioClaudiaandSisterand would appreciate your posting mine while people are looking at the reunion photos. I will send my ‘journey’ sketch later, as when I’m recovering from back surgery I’ll have time to write it. Such a good idea, such a great site. We, the class, are indebted to you, Barbara, Janet, Gayle, et al, who have been so instrumental in keeping us together.

Geri Conway Burnett said the reunion was awesome. I so wish I could have been there.

Claudia and sister, Penny Houdek Ferris (SFA class of ‘61)
at Bob’s retirement party, at ‘Ouisie’s Table, Houston, November 2005.

All the best, Claudia