Sammie Ransom Teague

Sammie Ransom Teague passed away Sunday, December 2, 2012.  A Memorial Service will be held at the First Baptist Church of Caldwell, Texas on Saturday, Dec. 8 at 11 A.M.

In lieu of flowers, the family has requested donations to:

Hill Country Christian School
1401 Davis Lane
San Marcos, TX 78666

From Charles Jackson:

My high school rival, shortly thereafter college roommate, and subsequently friend for life since 1957, passed away yesterday in the little Texas town where he was born–Caldwell, Texas.  We shared many happy moments together not only at Aggieland but running around together in Houston and camping out at Garner State Park, where we both met our future wives.  We also shared a lot of grief when our school dropped from number one in football our freshman year, the year of Heisman Trophy winner John David Crow and Bear Bryant, and lost our last three games.  Our senior year our only win was over Trinity University–and we had to wait ten years to beat the hell out of t.u.  I called Sam well before our 1967 Turkey Day game against t.u. and told him to get us tickets to the game.  He said that I was crazy to take leave from the Pentagon to come all the way to Aggieland to see us get outscored for the 11th time by t.u.  The deal was that if we won the tickets were on Sam, on me if we were outscored.  The rest is history–we won.  Then, in the Cotton Bowl, former Aggie football player and Junction Boy under Bear Brant, Gene Stallings, met his old coach at the middle of the field at the end of the game.  The Bear congratulated Stallings for the Aggies’ win and picked him up, exposing the Bear’s cowboy boots.  They were maroon and white, emblazoned “Texas” and  “Aggies.”  The boots and a specially designed Aggie ring were given to him by the team when he departed for Alabama.  Twenty-six years later when the Bear was buried, the only jewelry he wore was that ring.

Those were only a few of the many experiences that Sam and I shared. I wish that he could have stayed around for at least a few more weeks to see his boys play again and enjoy the various football award presentations.  Come next April 21st at Aggie Muster I will honor a mutual promise we made while we were at A&M–when the roll call announces his name, I will proudly answer “Here”!  Maybe gone but never forgotten.

See you later Sam.

2 Responses to Sammie Ransom Teague

  1. Bob Carter says:

    Sammie and I knew each other since kindergarden at Eastwood Elementary and had been the best of friends since. We stayed at each others house, had sleepovers played and enjoyed being boys. Sammie did not let his polio slow him down one bit, until he got older and put on the weight. Then it was harder for him to get around, but I never heard him complain. In fact he was talking to me about how he was helping those with disabilities. I see where Charles said he and Sammie were high school rivals, well, our rivalry began our senior year at Austin and carried out our college years. You see Sammie went to A&M and I went to UT. It was always a fun time when we were able to get together and jive each other about our schools. I still remember the first time I ate a tuna sandwich at Sammie”s house. His mother added apple to the recipe and I”d never had apple in my tuna sandwich before. It was good and I”ve been hooked on it ever since.
    Sammie, you”re with your mom and dad now and you”re without any hurt or pain. So, so long old friend and I”ll be rooting for A&M against OU at this Cotton Bowl game. This may be the first time I”ve ever cheered for the Aggies, but I”ll do it for you.


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