The Hospitality Suite

S.F. Austin High School The 45th-year reunion of the Class of 57.

Our collection of memoriobelia is bigger than a molehill. Here, Richard Briones and Joe Futrell climb that mountain, while Linda Briones looks on. At right, the colorful Joan Smith Harrison observes Hugo Hubert and Hugh Anderson practicing the verbal mode of reminiscence.

Football hero, Vince Mathews (middle) dropped by our hospitality suite, and is shown while refreshing his skills at harassing sophmores, Syble Horn and Winona Jones Dutton. At right, Harold Walling and Suzanne Hill Fitch compete for the “best smile” prize.

Left: Don Uzzle, Hugh Anderson and Bill Miller. At right, Steve Govia demonstrates the Venzuelan wolf whistle, for eager students, Don Uzzle, Joe Novotny and Jim Harrison.

Janet Isbell Buell and Janet Sumner Sawyer. Right: Buzzy Oliver and David Dean secured
the snack table, in early going. It was later decimated by a herd of grazing ponys.

Barbara McCauley Polk, Anne Daigle Lantz and Nancy Parr Clement, demonstrating what color coordination is all about, while Kenneth Taylor, right, smiles his appreciation.

Left: Charles and Nancy Broadway Smith. Right: Sandra Lincecum Friery and Joan Smith Harrison hear of the big fires, from Nancy Parr Clement, of Evergreen, Colorado.

Suzanne Hill Fitch and Donna Heath Binion are here amazed by transplanted Californian, Bob Wells, describing how he once encountered a normal person on Venice Beach.

Dapper Sammy and Big Buzzy shake hands before the bout. Art Oswald, referee.

The planned beauty contest  was declared a draw, when it was revealed that all
the contestants left their  bathing suits at home, and the judges decided that beauty
in the class of 57  runs too deep to be judged.

Isn’t a Suite, but it is always fun when groups of  classmates get together
for lunch or dinner, as happens on Friday and mid-day Saturday, during
reunion weekend. In the two photos, above,  south-of-the-border ambiance
and tacos mix with our classmates. That’s Mary Hubert and Betty Derrick
Sheets, hemmed in the booth.

Gayle pretends not to  notice what is ammusing Dorothy Svreck Threeton, hubby, John Threeton, and Barbara Henshaw Ray, the choking of Hugo, by our own Tommy Cash, still easily recognizable by his haircut.

In this rare, daytime photo from the Hospitality Suite, Rudy Julian and Janet Isbell Buell are  seen, acting out a famous scene from the Martha Stewart Show.