30-Year Reunion


To heck with the swimsuit issue. We have Class T-shirts.

Same old school, same old cars, same old boys .

Would you believe it! Those are Prince’s burgers. Hard habit to break.

Appropriate banners graced the two buses from hotel to dock, for the “Sunset Cruise”. Next time, we may use “Old people onboard”.

When we have a sunset cruise, we deliver. What a view, eh?
— photo by Shannon Keith Phillips.

Barbara & Sammy (left) and Joan & Jim, still haven’t learned to dislike eachother.

Paul Berlin was there, checking up on a generation that was raised on his music. Here, Jim Vick & Sammy Teague present him with an award for good raising. Having hung in the school’s entry hall for 30 years, the photo of 1954’s football champs had to be rescued from the trash heap, for this revisit of some of the boys who made that year a sparkling memory for us all.

Remnants of the band played all the old songs of highschool days, like they never played before… buteyfull to the ear, but beautiful to the heart.

1987 was 50th anniversary of the opening of Austin High School, and event celebrated at the school, and was well attended by our more stalwart classmates…the party animals.

In memory of Billy McKelvy