The Ballroom

S.F. Austin High School The 45th-year reunion of the Class of 57.

Fancy place, the Weschase Hilton, and made moreso by our banner, and the boys in the band. A batch of the fellows, including Chuck Jones and symphony trombonist David
Waters, blew mean horns for the crowd, accompanying vocal renditions by Anne
Daigle Lantz, Sammie Teague, and Hugo “the Bug Man” Hubert.

Left: Gotta have a name tag, even if you are Pat Ramsey, Jim Harrison or Judy Reiler Cochran. At right, ever serving the Austin alumni, Betty and Rudy Julian assure that classmates are informed about the “Walk of Fame”. That’s where you buy your own granite
brick, engraved with whatever you want, and it is placed with others to form a garden walkway at the school. Interested? Contact Rudy.

Left photo shows Elizabeth and Morris “Buddy” Medley, with Virginia Massey and hubby, Dr. Charles Bowden. At right, Roy Plaisance glows in a suit too white to photograph well, flanked by wife, Sally, and the unchanged Chuck Jones. That’s a juke box in the picture, for those who no longer recognize low tech (See Rockin’ Fifties).

The trio of Marshall & Doris Sharp, and Steve Govia, were either enjoying themselves, or faking it really well. At right, designated driver fluid is modeled by Winona Jones Dutton,
and toasted by husband, Uriel Dutton.

Reunions are a good place for catching up on gossip. Here, Mary Frances Wallace Lanning hears what must be some pretty juicy stuff from Wanona. At right, the colorful trio of Pat Ramsey, Murrna Noe Harden, and Betty Derrick Sheets.

Mary and Raymond Wilson came to town for the 45th, pictured at left with Helen Hasty Statham of Grimes County and Joan Litherland Ford. At right, Charles Piersol trips the light fantastic and Jean Smith.

Even wall-sized, there are folks in our class photo who don’t look familiar anymore. We got better. At right, Wanda Paskie Lucas hears the Joe Novotny story.

You wouldn’t believe what they were seeing. Come to the reunions, and see it for yourself.

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