Delma Joseph Hebert

(1939-2005)D. J. Hebert, Ph. D. Professor Emeritus of Mathematics, University of Pittsburgh. On February 21, 2005, D.J. Hebert, Jr., passed away in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania hospital after a long battle with leukemia. D.J. will be remembered for his gentle demeanor, intelligence and thoughtful insights. He attended Austin High School (Class of 1957), Rice University and The University of Texas. D.J.’s high school physics teacher remembered him by saying: “He never said a word, but when I asked him a question he always knew the right answer”. He leaves behind his wife Catherine; son Daniell; grandchildren Finley and Aubin of San Francisco; mother Blanche and brother Russell of Houston. D.J.’s memory was honored by his close family in a private ceremony. No public memorial is planned. In lieu of flowers, donations may be sent to the “Culver Awards Endowment, in memory of D.J. Hebert”, University of Pittsburgh, to be addressed to Arts and Science Development, 910 Cathedral of Learning, Pittsburgh, PA 15213. (Published in the Houston Chronicle on 2/27/2005.)

DJHebertDJ was noted in his field for work in Probability theory, wavelet and fractal image processing, pattern formation in nonlinear stochastic partial differential equations, high level programming languages, simplicial grid computations, automatic image and pattern analysis, simulation of stochastic reaction diffusion systems. See: Some of his articles on the web