Continuing Adventures of the Granny Gang!

A Fun Stuff report – by Suzanne Hill Fitch

We (Syble Horn, Hallie Schilling Shoemake, Gayle McCaslin, Winona Jones Dutton, Barbara McCauley Polk, Kathleen McFarland Williams, Joan Litherland Ford, Patti Bobo Dozier, Judy Reiler Cochran and myself) always celebrate Janet Isbell Buell’s birthday with a picnic at Festival Hill in Round Top. This year we had some very special guests. Geri Conaway was in Texas to visit with her parents and spent several days with Claudia Houdek Lakey in Austin. Together, they persuaded Kay Gibson Cannon to join them for the trip to Round Top.

Not to be outdone by the Austin contingency, we invited Helen Hasty Statham of Navasota and Judy Walker Walling from Friendswood.



Left to right: Kay Gibson Cannon, Judy Walker Walling, Claudia Houdek Lakey, Janet
Isbell Buell, Elayne Stewart, Syble Horne, Suzanne Hill Fitch, Helen Hasty Statham, Hallie Schilling Shoemake, Jerri Conway Burnett, Gayle McCaslin, and Kathleen McFarland Williams. Barbara McCauley Polk not pictured.

What a wonderful time we had. The day absolutely flew by. We enjoyed gorgeous weather, good food, lots laughs and hugs, a tear or two and a whole afternoon of catching up and asking “What ever happened to?”

Our visit was too brief but we will make up for lost time when we spend a week at Ron & Geri’s mountain cabin in Montana next year.

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