Happy New Year from the Granny Gang


2010 was a great year for us. Starting with our annual slumber party at Joan Litherland Ford’s celebrating 4 January birthday girls and ending with our Christmas luncheon at Winona Jones Dutton’s. In between we managed to squeeze in a great fish fry and picnic, monthly birthday luncheons, a fabulous trip to the Canadian Rockies and more laughs and hugs that could ever be counted.

Joan Smith Harrison joined us in April as we journeyed to Aggieland for lunch and a visit with Kay Gibson Cannon and Geri Conaway Burnett who were in town for Ron and Wally’s 50th class reunion. Many, many laughs and margaritas on that trip.

We also experienced a few bumps in the road as Hallie Schilling Shoemake, Janet Isbell Buell, Patti Bobo Dozier, Judy Reiler Cochran, Joan Litherland Ford and our long distance sister, Geri Conaway Burnett, had surgeries or hospital stays. Thanks to our gracious God, everyone is mended and looking forward to 2011 and all it has to bring.

Our calendar for 2011 is made and is filled with fun and adventures. We sincerely hope that the New Year brings you good health, peace and prosperity. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the 55th.

The Granny Gang
Syble, Elayne, Hallie, Janet, Joan, Kathleen, Gayle, Dolores, Barbara, Judy, Winona, Patti and Suzanne

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  1. Hi Ladies! Any new stuff you would like to mention here? We can post if for you within 24 hours! You can even email us a photo or 2 to go with any posting. Let us help! We WANT MORE NEWS! …. Shannon & Jeff


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