Remembering Larry

Hi everyone.

These last few days have been a little rough for me as I remember the second anniversary of Larry’s death. I thought it was the ninth. I then remembered where I was and what I was doing when Hugo called and told me the news.

As it turned out my wife and her mother and father and myself were returning from the Texas MUSIC Hall OF FAME in Carthage. This was on the fifth. I hope I have it correct. I do remember it was around the first week of July. Sorry about the confusion it happens after you have had a stroke.This will be a day that sticks in our memory. To me it is like the Kennedy assassination and Elvis death. As I have written in other posts I really miss the trips to the country and sitting, walking or riding on his four wheel Gator discussing old times or current events. As I believe you could put Larry in a room full of doctors or a room full of common laborers and he would have knowledge of them and any and everything in between. As for Larry’s wit, look and read the captions on the 50th reunion photos. What a genius.

I will always miss you buddy and think of you often.

Ed Bettencourt III.

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