Upcoming 55th Reunion

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5 Responses to Upcoming 55th Reunion

  1. Paul Romere says:

    Can anyone tell me where to look for any Post-55th Reunion information? I can not find anything anywhere.



  2. Jean Smith Crecelius says:

    Can hardly wait!


  3. Thank you for the new information! I was SO hoping I could attend in my Dad”s honor this year, but that is the week of our 9th Anniversary and we have to be in San Diego! Goodness, I was so hoping it was in June.


  4. Glenda Steed says:

    Keep me posted….If I can help, let me know!


    • Suzanne Hill Fitch says:

      Glenda, if you have any addresses or contacts please forward to Syble or Judy. Many of the e-mail addresses we received at the 50th are not good anymore. Any help you can give would certainly be appreciated.


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