Change In User Registration Process

Due to a very large number of attempted spammers joining the site and causing me to have to delete thousands of unpublished spam posts, I’m turning off the “anyone can join” feature. I will be able to add people to the registration manually but no one will be able to join without contacting me first.

Fortunately, none of these posts have shown up on the site, but it’s more of an administrative hassle.

So if you or someone you know of someone who’d like to join the site as a subscriber or contributor, please let me know at

Thank you for your patience!

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1 Response to Change In User Registration Process

  1. Cynthia A Richardson says:

    I need to register on this website. I graduated mid-term 1958. I spoke with Bill and
    Maria Hubert and they directed me to this site.
    Thank you,


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