Happy 60th Reunion!

Cheers to the Class of ’57 today on your 60 year reunion!

I think of how my dad loved you every time I hear this song and feel it would’ve been his homage to you. I appreciate now, more than ever, how true it is, and dedicate it to you on this special occasion. Celebrate the history you share and every connection that has endured the tests of time, because

“ … You can’t make old friends
Can’t make old friends
And you and me, will be young again
You can’t make old friends
You and me, will be together again
‘Cause we both know, we will still be old friends
You can’t make old friends
Not the way we have always been”

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1 Response to Happy 60th Reunion!

  1. AL says:

    Thank you Shannon for everything you do. Your dad was a wonderful person. Anne Daigle

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